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Book events at Diss Publishing Bookshop & Café
Here at Diss Publishing we host a variety of book events including signings, talks and children’s activities covering a wide selection of interests.  We look forward to welcoming you to one of our forthcoming events.

Forthcoming events

Hannah Colby
Author event

9 June, 10am - 1pm


Peter Tolhurst
Author event

16 June, 10.30am - 1pm


Gill Heriz
Author event

30 June, 10.30am - 1pm


SARAJEVO 1991. To the home of Adam and Finola Vidaković comes their new lodger, the concert pianist Daniel Danuczek, who will be teaching at the Conservatory. He captivates both Finola and her daughter, Irena. But civil war will soon force Daniel back to London and hold Sarajevo in its pitiless grip, with lifechanging and tragic consequences.

A Place of Springs is a complex novel of epic scope, which explores the physical and psychological damage inflicted by war. It follows Daniel’s fortunes as he searches for lost love and faces a crisis that changes the path of his career. Written with compassion, humour and insight, this is a compelling story of love and loss, the significance of friendship, and the power of music both to express and triumphantly transcend human pain.

Pre-order your copy now for the event.

In this absorbing new work, the first of its kind devoted entirely to the county, Peter Tolhurst has unearthed a rich legacy of beliefs and customs once widespread in Norfolk. Evidence of nature worship survives in the lives of Saints Walstan and Withburga, in the Green Man and the Hethel Thorn. There are tales of Hereward the Wake and Tom Hickathrift the Fenland giant, of dragons like the Ludham Worm and an intriguing case of barrow digging from south Norfolk.

Wide ranging, full of new insights and beautifully illustrated with 350 black and white images, This Hollow Land is a vivid exploration of traditional lore and a celebration of the people who kept it alive.

Pre-order your copy now for the event.

More recently, tiny homes have become the answer for many who need somewhere affordable to live and possess the creativity and energy to create something different. Gill Heriz has brought together a collection of some of the most incredible tiny homes from around the world, from boats and caravans to yurts seaside huts, to show how beautiful and achievable tiny home living can be.

Pre-order your copy now for the event.

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